Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Detroit Tigers Bullpen; A Bazardo Situation

Game 4, top of the 8th inning 2 outs, bases empty, tie game at 3. Enter Jason Grilli, my fellow Royal Oakian. Grilli, AKA Cheese man, throws 12 consecutive balls, loading the bases. My complete lack of faith in the bullpen started precisely at this moment. He was yanked, and we got out of the inning unscathed. But, the damage had already been done to my baby like psyche. Extra credit given to whomever can name the crumb bum who came in and shut the door on the A’s.

Since then our bullpen has been a rag tag group of pranksters that would seem unrealistic even in a Disney movie. Todd Jones could be charged with attempted murder for the amount of times he’s raised my blood pressure to an almost lethal measure. This year he’s gone, and the closer spot is for grabs. 

The “big” move so far has been the signing of Brandon Lyons. I’d be lyon if I thought he was the long-term answer, but this former Dback wants the opportunity to put his brand-on the Tigers closer position. Yep, I felt good about that sentence.  Lyon signed for 4.25 million, or 17 million quarters. Another signee is Juan Rincon. He’s fresh off a steroid suspension, so, that’s promising, because players usually excel after this sort of thing. Hopefully Zumaya has already mastered expert mode on Guitar Hero so we don’t have a freak accident where he snaps his wrist in half on a plastic guitar during a “Cherry Pie” solo.

In other news, Brandon Inge is happy back at 3rd. I mean, he’s earned it. Hitting .205 last year while complaining the entire time. He’s the feel good story of the team so far.

Pitchers and catchers report in 2 and a half weeks. Since the Pistons have decided to pout, and the Lions played catcher all sunday this year, it couldn’t come soon enough.

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