Friday, February 06, 2009

The Gutsiest Play In Baseball Movie History

Major League was on HBO this morning. I picked it up near the end, right at the beginning of the Yankees/Indians playoff game. I found the scene on youtube, and luckily it is espanol for your viewing pleasure. Start at 3 minutes in.

I've always been impressed with Jake Taylor's gutsy/borderline psychotic call at the end of the game. Here's the situation. Willie Mays Hayes on 2nd, with Jake Taylor who looks to be fresh off 37 knee operations at the plate. 2 outs, bottom of 9, tie game.  Taylor signals to Lou Brown that he has a play in mind. Crotchety Spanish-American War vet Lou goes along with the play and signals to the 3rd base coach the play.  If i were Lou, I would have benched him immediately when I saw him go up to the plate with his catching helmet on instead of a batting helmet, but, that's why i'm not an actor. Anyways, I don't know what is more miraculous;A) They have a signal for the outrageousness that is about to take place, or, B) They have practiced such a play before.

The play calls for Jake to call his shot. This is the equivalent of Dane Sardinha calling his shot. Taylor almosts takes a fastball to the dome on the first pitch. The 2nd pitch he once agains calls his shot. This is when my 9 year old brain was offically blown out of my skull. The Yankees skeezy pitcher delivers a strike, and to the surprise of no one, Taylor does not bomb one into the bleachers. Instead, he purposely does a swinging bunt down the 3rd base line. This forces Taylor and his silly puddy knees to beat out a ground ball to the 3rd basemen or the inning is over. The sheer pain in Taylor's face as he runs to the first and the slow melodic music almost caused 9 year old Brady to have a panic attack.


Taylor beats the throw! Unfortunately he crumbles over 1st base and this would eventually end up being Jake Taylor's last play in movie baseball history as he would go on to manage in ML2. The play also calls for WMH to try to score from 2nd! Luckily the 1st basemen decides to take his sweet time in throwing it home. The slide might be the most ridiculous thing, ever. He could easily score standing up, instead the slide he does contorts his body in a way that would tear the groins of any mere mortal. This makes the play infinitely closer, but he is safe, and the Indians celebrate their American East title and Jake Taylor makes out with Rene Russo at Milwaukee County Stadium. 

Honorable Mentions for gutsiest movie baseball moment:
1. Angels in the Outfield. In the Angels biggest game, Coach Danny Glover leaves Pitcher Tony Danza on the mound in the 9th. The situation is Angels up by 1, bases loaded, and to this point Danza has already thrown 160+ pitches. Another thing to remember is pitcher Tony Danza will die within 6 months  due to lung cancer after the completion of this game. Coach Glover is able to convince delusional Danza to remain in the game convincing him he has an angel when he really doesn't. Unfortunately for us all, Danza did have an angel; the angel of death. Danza makes a ridiculous diving catch on a screamer off the bat of another skeezer and the Angels win the pennant.

2. Rookie of the Year. Rowengartner remains in the game even though his arm isn't ridiculously broken anymore. The Cub's coach decides to stick with him in the 9th, and he engineers one of the most ridiculous escape jobs in the history of mankind. He strikes the NL's MVP out on 3 underhand lofted pitches.

If you can beat these, post them up.


Jim said...

The Sandlot,
Squints plays like he is unconscious after being pulled out of the community pool and frenches Wendy Peffercorn when she gives him mouth to mouth.

Also noteworthy:
Brewster's Millions,
Mediocre minor leaguers Richard Pryor and John Candy take on the New York Yankees in a 3 inning exhibition and get creamed.

Tom Selleck said...

Kevin Coster listening to voices in his head and confusing Ray Liotta for Shoeless Joe Jackson

Brady said...

Squints Palledorous gutsy move came off the field, rather then on it. But, no one can deny that Squints was an unstoppable force that day that would not be denied. Oiling and lotioning, lotioning and oiling....

Tom, I don't know if I'd call hallucinations gutsy, more miraculous. Kind of like how it was miraculous how you wound up on the Tigers at the end of Mr. Baseball with Pedro Cerrano.