Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TAWG?OGDH? Exclusive Rod Allen Interview

The staff at TAWG?OGDH? had a very special opportunity to interview American hero Rod Allen before tonights game against the California Angels. We were able to speak to him before the game during batting practice.

That's All We Got? One Goddamn Hit?: Thanks for being with us Rod. You enjoying your stay in LA?

Rod Allen: Oh, for sure. I got the acoustic version of the April in the D song on my walkman and took a majestic jog on the beach at sunrise.

TAWG?OGDH?: That's a beautiful image, Rod. Now onto the 2009 Tigers.  After the pitching staff posted a dissapointing 2008 season...Do you think they will rebound in 2009?

RA: We got some guys who can throw some itty bitty ones up there. These are major league players who can throw some major league pitches. Pitching, hitting and coaching will not be a problem for the 2009 Tigers

TAWG?OGDH?: Verlander struggled last year...Any chance he can turn it around?

RA: Oh, for sure. JV has easy gas. He throws it in there consistently at 100, sometimes 105 MPH. When he is on the hitters got none chance, NONE. 

TAWG?OGDH?: Leyland seems to be entering a do or die season in 2009. How do you see him responding?

RA: Leyland? Oh, he's a beauty. He's back to wearing the spikes. Got the high socks going. Pahdnuh, I wouldn't be surprised to see the skipper pinch run in one of these games!

TAWG?OGDH?: Miguel Cabrera looks to be one of best players in all of baseball. Any chance, he can he can win the AL MVP this year?

RA: Miggy? That boy is country strong. He can buggy whip just about any pitch out of the ball park. I'd be surprised if he does not win five or six triple crowns by the time hes done with baseball.

TAWG?OGDH?: That's a gutsy prediction, Rod.

RA: I'm worried about those sitting in the bleachers when Cabby comes to bat!

TAWG?OGDH?: Lay it all on the line, how many wins for the 2009 Tigers?

RA: Oh, 130 easy. This team is dialed in and ready this year. And, SPRING HAS SPRRUUNNG, WINTERS DONNEEEEE.

TAWG?OGDH?: Shut the hell up, Rod.

Oh, and take 300 drinks.

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Eric said...

best interview in one is more insightful than Rod, and no one has a more unbiased vision of what it will take for tigers to win 80% of their games.