Monday, May 18, 2009

5/18, Obscure Ex-Tiger of the day

Cameron Maybin

Scouts routinely called Maybin a Griffey Junior clone but with a better arm. So, I think we all felt it was reasonably safe to assume that Maybin would rack up 600+ Hr’s, win MVP’s, headline multiple kick ass video games and eventually cure swine flu. For this, I anointed him “megajesus.” This might seem somewhat offensive, but it would not be if you had read multiple Baseball America pre-draft scouting reports. 

Maybin was called up late in 2007. In his 2nd game he faced all around gentleman Roger Clemens. Maybin took the chode deep on a line drive to center field. Next time up, Clemens beaned Maybin on the first pitch. So, Maybin stole 2nd base on him. This game will not be anything that I ever “misremember.” Unfortunately, Maybin did not have any more highlights that year. He hit .143 that year which was appropriate because Detroit still had man love for him. That year he struck out as often as you did when you first started playing baseball video games with the “hit stick” instead of the “A” button. 

In one of the most lopsided trades in the history of the barter system, Maybin was traded to the baseball capitol of the world, Miami. Detroit acquired Miguel Cabrera, “megarer jesus,” and Willis in this trade. Maybin was recently sent back down to the minors. I am sure he’ll be fine eventually, and like all Marlins win the world series every 6 years. 

Feel free to share your favorite memories of the third cousin of CFL running back John Avery.

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