Thursday, June 03, 2010

28 Up, 28 Down

Today was my mom's birthday. We had a nice dinner and watched the game together. Both of us wouldn't change seats or mention what we knew was going on. Didn't want to jinx it. The second that call went wrong...I swore a lot, and then immediately stormed out and did not say a word. It was probably about the rudest thing I've ever done. So, that's another thing for Joyce to feel miserable about.

Armando Galagarbage threw a perfect game. You'd admit it, the Cleveland Indians would admit it and even Jim Joyce would admit it. What happened tonight was one of the more sickening things I've seen in sports in my lifetime. Galarraga, drafted as an Expo, a lifetime journeyman just had one of the more remarkable 9 innings in recent baseball history. He legitimately pitched a perfect game. The first one in the 107 years of Detroit baseball history. Instead, we are probably going to murder some poor, blind, mustachioed man tomorrow.

This can be made right, easily. This should be ruled a perfect game by Selig. The only reason this would not happen is because baseball is about the most archaic ruled thing ever. Some "purists" might say that going against the umpires ruling cheapens the integrity of the game. I'd easily argue that it hurts the integrity of the game much more by making us "unsee" what we all saw tonight. Also, if All-Star games can end in ties, this game can end in perfect game.

I have lots of umpires on my shitlist. When I see them, I know some screwy things are afoot. Jim Joyce...was not one of them. He made a egregious and correctable mistake...and his entire career and legacy will live in infamy for the rest of his life. He knows he f'd up, and so does baseball. Correct this, so this man can be remembered for his obscene mustache instead of his obscenely terrible call. Nobody wants to see another Denkinger situation here.

OK. That all made sense, right? But, it's not going to happen. So, Galarraga will not get credited with a perfect game. On the other hand, he did accomplish something that I would wager will never be equaled. He retired 28 batters in one game without anyone reaching base. Steve Nebraska couldn't even top that. It deserves an awesome name. I was thinking something along the line of super-sized flawless victory. Ok, that was weak, cut me some slack, i've been over served in rageahol tonight. If you got better suggestion, let me know and we will trademark it as soon as possible.
(Selig dressed as the Million Dollar Man. Admittedly has little to do with anything, but isn't your life better for seeing this?)


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