Friday, June 04, 2010

The Traveshamockery

Alright, I've watched an unhealthy amount of ESPN/MLB Network in the last day or so. I'm going to lose it. If i hear the phrases "pandora's box," "dangerous precedent," or "baseball purist" one more time I will find that persons residence and do this to their favorite light colored sitting area.

Let's break it down. Starting with the pandora's box and dangerous precedent lines. Like, it would set a bad precedent to get the call right. Obviously it's impossible to correct something that affected the winner or loser of a game. No one expects that, at all. It has absolutely zero to do with what happened the other night. So, since you are the commissioner you write up some rule that only affects egregious mistakes that had no outcome on the winner or loser of the game...Just so you know, that basically leaves Galarraga's perfect game as the lone candidate for change. I can't imagine anyone would oppose this.

Crediting Galarraga with a perfect game does not lessen the achievement or taint it at all. He retired 27 straight batters fair and square. No one would sanely argue otherwise. If this situation happened anytime before the the 27th out, I'd feel differently. This is the rarest of circumstances. When the ump admits the mistake, when the Commissioner of the league admits might be about time to show some common sense.

Click here (sadly, that was the best I could find. But you get the point) or you are not allowed to read this paragraph... Pretend we are living in a time with few laws. I see you walking down the street, and for no rhyme or reason I chainsaw off your hands. I am the only person who has ever chainsawed off anyone's hands in the history of this world. This was such a bizarre thing that happened that there was no law against it. The police saw this, obviously you were apart of this, and I admit I was deeply wrong for what I did. But, no law exists. So, do we immediately correct this? Or let me go free, and then vow to look into a way of making a law that future chainsaw hand attacks will not go unpunished?

Also, saying no precedent exists is just factually wrong. In 1991 baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent set up a panel that "overturned 50 no-hitters." HIT ME. Also, the famous George Brett pine tar game. The Ump incorrectly threw Brett out of the game, and they picked up on the game 3.5 weeks later from that point in the game.

Anyone that calls themselves a baseball purist or uses that defense is a dumbfuck. Baseball purists are the dopes that were probably upset when players started using gloves, baseball was integrated and we started playing night games. If we have the technology and common sense to get the call right, then do it. I swear some of these idiots should watch soap opera's instead of baseball if they really like the drama of an old man who has not visited Dr. Rahmani deciding a black or white incident.

I'm sorry, but this other thing about "learning a great lesson" from this is absurd. The only lesson I learned is life is unfair. Every kid who's picked up a baseball has dreamed of throwing a perfect game. The dream never ends with you being ruined by umpire incompetence on the 27th out. I'd bet your chainsawed arms that Galarraga is never flirting with a perfect game ever again. In baseball history there has been about 200,000 overall games played. Let's say there has been about 20 perfect games. The probability of throwing a perfect game is .001%. Perfect games are insane. There is a good reason a Tiger has *never thrown a perfect game in over 100 years. Sadly, the chances are good we might never see another perfect game by a Tiger for the rest of our lives. This is the pinnacle single game achievement in all of sports.

Also, this nonsense about learning what a "great guy" Galarraga is from this game annoys the hell out of me. Like, he would not be a "great guy" if he pitched a perfect game. Also, how we are supposed to feel great about Joyce admitting his mistake. Well, no shit! He blew it clear as day. He'd be a moron to say otherwise. That's not to say I don't feel sympathy for him, I do, a great amount. This is the only thing this man will be known for. I will know his name for all the wrong reasons. He'll live a rough life where dolts make threats against him for the rest of his life. What a heart warming story that is going to be. Seriously, all it would have taken was Selig to acknowledge that what we saw happened, actually happened. He'd be a footnote instead of the most infamous Ump since Denkinger. Incredibly, Selig's call is even worse then Joyce's call in this situation.

I'll admit that Galarraga's "perfect game" WILL receive a lot more attention then the other 20 perfect games. Some are happy with that, and I can see their point of view. Personally though, it makes me sick. For the rest of my life I will never forget watching this game. Sadly, the first thing I will remember is the call and everybody admitting that what we saw we now have to unsee according to the record books. I don't know why seeing Galarraga's name in a steroid infested record book would make me feel better, but it would, a lot.


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