Friday, August 18, 2006


After examining this picture for a good 10-15 minutes I still can't conclude whether Magglio is actually a braindead mute, or if he is the new Rico Sauve. I mean, he's autographing his balls. That's either genius, or just so ridiculously Magglio. I honestly don't think I have given him the credit that he deserves.

Anyways, The tigers completed the dreaded Sox/Sox road trip and came back a little bit worse off. I was out of town during the last 4 games of the losing streak, so it's your fault, not mine this happened. I come back to detriot, and blammo, we take two out of three in Bawstan. Shake my hand, and welcome me back home if you see me around.

Verlander has stopped looking Bob Gibsonesque on the mound recently. This is dissapointing, but it could have been easily predicted. Recent examples of this are Liriano, who literally cried after the tigers beat him the last week, and Dontrelle Willis who was a Cy Young candidate but by the 2003 playoffs he worked out of the bullpen. It takes a while for rookie pitchers to get their arms strong enough to be able to endure a 162 game season. Hopefully with Maroth coming back he can help decrease our other starters innings while hopefully being as effective as he was at the beginning of the year. We also dearly miss Rod Allen commenting after every maroth strike how much of an influence Rogers has been on him.

The Tigers are in the midst of an 8 game home stand against texas ranger, and those same pale hosers who swept us the week earlier. The magic number for us to clinch the AL Central title is 36. Obviously, this is pretty much on par with what we all predicted before the season started. Ho-hum.

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