Saturday, August 26, 2006


I'm hoping that an update to my diary will wake up the sacred spirits of ole' tiger lore and catapult us to a lengthy winning streak. If a cartoon tiger hopped up on hallucinogens can't do it, then we are just out of luck. Honestly, I'd be all in favor or replacing ye olde English D in favor this. Actually, this is probably a fairly good interpretation of what baseball was like for dmitri young pre rehab. Unfortunately, that realization kind of just depressed me, and there should be nothing depressing about this old logo at all.

"I think Sean Casey has gotten the respect he has because people respect him a lot."
-jim thome

jim thome, master of infinite wisdom said that gem the other day. I was at the chicago game where thome pulled his hamstring the other day. The WAHHHmbulance had to come and take him out of the game. I felt really bad about that, really, i did.

The Tigers made a blockbuster trade the other day acquiring Neifi Perez from the cubs. Honestly, the only thing I like about neifi perez is that his name is neifi. I'm upset we dealt black crowes frontman/single a baseball catcher Chris Robinson for him. Robinson was considered by some to be our best minor league catcher. I think we got neifed bad on that trade, but oh well. I'd still prefer infante playing e'ryday over perez.

Blowing up ipods across the country, I proudly present "Tigers gonna do it again!"

Tigers travel to Cleveland and NYC to slap around those silly nannies on a road trip. Hopefully, we can beat them emotionally/physically and we will come out better off.

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