Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Single A Champions

It’s the last week of November, get out the tequila, you know what time it is! What's that you screamed at your computer screen? Yep, you nailed it, the release of the annual ranking of baseball prospects!

No real surprises here in the Tigers top 5. Cameron "megajesus" Maybin top's the list followed by the good doctor, Andrew Miller. Brent Clevlen comes in at 3rd. And, I'm sure all of 4 of my readers are extremely upset with me that I didn't include a "Clevlen Rocks!" joke here. I'd apologize, but I really wouldn’t mean it. That show made me upset. This just reminded me how much I hated Whose line is it anyway?....Serenity now... My main man Jair "mcnair" Jurrjens is #4 with Jordan "the hata" Tata rounding out the top 5.

If I had to place a value on a 1-10 scale of each of how important these prospects are to the Tigers organization, this is how I’d do it. Tata-7, Jurrjens-8, Clevlen-7, Miller-9.5 and finally Maybin I’d give a 14.

In other random news, Sheffield continues to brag about giving noogies to Abreu in the Yankee’s lockeroom, and Casey is back for another year. You’d really think that signing a 1st baseman would emit a reaction from me, but I’m amazingly numb to this whole thing. Casey was a wang-tang disappointment for the season, but he really was the only good player on the Tigers this World Series. Besides Rogers, who pitched with pine tar on his hand which the media basically equated to pushing elderly women down flights of stairs.

Going into this off-season, I really would not have been opposed to moving Guillen to 1st and picking up a 3B and moving Inge to SS. The production Guillen gives you at SS is pretty sexy, but the amount of errors he committed were bogus and I worry about his range with his knee. With him at 1B, this really isn’t a concern whatsoever. Inge has terrific range at 3B, but the SS has more balls hit to him so it might be prudent to take advantage of his range and arm strength and move him to SS. Plus, Inge’s #’s are pretty sub-par for a 3B. There are many upgrades available. At SS, his .253 average and 27 Hr’s still make for a pretty above average SS. Well, maybe next year. Guillen is solid fundamentally, and he was healthy all of last year, so I look for some improvement to his consistency.

It’s the end of November, so I feel it is now safe to assume that the Tigers roster will remain completely unchanged in the next 5 months. So, I feel it’s the perfect time to introduce the starting lineup if I were manager.

1. Granderson
2. Polanco
3. Guillen
4. Sheffield
5. Ordonez
6. Rodriguez
7. Monroe
8. Casey
9. Inge

My projected Leyland lineup. Logically it makes zero sense. But this seems to be how his twisted brain works.

1. Rodriguez
2. Monroe
3. Sheffield
4. Casey
5. Ordonez
6. Granderson
7. Guillen
8. Polanco
9. Inge

Sadly, this is the kind of nonsense that I doodle during all of the expensive classes I go to. Yes, I create hypothetical lineups and I draw pictures of me on the Tigers robbing homeruns in center field. Don’t judge.

Buck up, 124 days until opening day and 92 days until we mervin the Phillies.


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