Tuesday, December 05, 2006

12/5, Obscure Ex-Tiger of the day

The Detroit Tigers shocked the baseball world bringing in this sure-fire 1st ballot Canadian hall of famer to spark a run into the post-season in 2006. His rugged good looks and looping lefty uppercut swing swooned the hearts of many a lady in Detroit, but the Tigers decided not to bring Matt back. His 14 game stint produced immediate dividends as he hit a robust .244 with 3 HR's. Actually, his dramatic homerun in bottom of the 8th inning against the Royals on the last day of the season looked as if it would win us a division. But, the Royals were just too good.

Matt finished #17 in the AL balloting for MVP in 1999, but, to anyone who knows this gentle giant, he easily finished #1 in our hearts. I don't know if another stint with an MLB team in his future, if not, I always thought he'd make an excellent lumberjack. Feel free to share your true, or untrue stories of the certified beefcake.

Finally...it's here. The much ballyhooed ROD ALLEN CHARGING THE MOUND VIDEO HAS BEEN FOUND. Go here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw8iF9Zxaz0

If you are still playing the Rod Allen drinking game, even though it's the off-season...this clip calls for you to drive to the nearest state that sells Everclear and down this bottle quickly as possible. After every shot, yell your favorite "Rodism" as loudly and as slurred as possible. Also, the fact that this video sounds like it's from the Japanese equivalent of America's Funniest Home Video's actually adds to the enjoyment value immensely.

Alright, now on to actual Tiger news. As any person with a pulse can tell you, the WINTER MEETINGS are going on right now. The only way I can rationally explain the importance of these meetings is by saying that they are "the superbowl of the MLB off-season," which, in essence, makes it mostly meaningless. The Tigers are thought to involved in some potential trades. The two biggest names being thrown around are Craig Monroe and Mike Maroth. Considering I hear about 10 halfbaked Tigers rumors a day, I doubt anything will happen.

117 days until opening day

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Gene Kingsale said...

when stairs fought a pack of polar bears and saved the youth health center for the diseased eskimo children.

and, that dinger against the royals.