Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hallelujah Hollaback! Pitchers and Catchers Report

First off, I'd like to apologize to my loyal readers. I've been really busy these past couple of weeks with video games and tv thus not allowing me to update as frequently as I should. Readers, I think you are comcastic. I really do.

Just like today is a made up holiday, so is tomorrow. Tomorrow pitchers and catchers report. I need to let that sink in a little bit. I'm getting a little verklempt over here imagining that this bastard season of winter might finally be coming to an end. If you have actually been reading other articles about the Tigers and not just mine, then shame on you. But, then you'd know that much of the team has been in Lakeland for weeks preparing dilligently for that Southern Florida slaughter.

There's been a nasty rumor going around that the Tigers are in the running for Juan Gonzalez. It's not happening, no way. I'm convinced it's not going to happen because i so much want it to not happen and that should be good enough. If anyone brings it up around me again, be prepared for a man-slap to the face. It's that serious. Also, it sounds like dmitri young is going to take himself and hopefully the Ying Yang Twins whisper song to the Nationals to cause 30,000 people to feel awkward.

With Tiger spring training sort of kicking off tomorrow, I’ve been preparing by listening to healthy dosage of jock jams and bench pressing anything resembles something that might be heavy. Really, nothing really notable has happened in the past couple of weeks, but that will likely change soon. So, just twiddle your thumbs in anticipation until then.

The baseball gods will be here soon enough to rescue us all.

46 days until opening day

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