Monday, February 26, 2007

Tigers Ready to Make It Rain On Florida Southern

Tigers have a game tomorrow. No, really. Florida Southern travels to the madhouse that is Joker Marchant Stadium for a crucial early season battle. The Tigers are starting Virgil Vasquez. I really can't tell you much about him, but his name is Virgil, so he's already a couple steps ahead of all of us. We have 7 pitchers scheduled to bring that hot fire tomorrow, most notably Kyle Sleeth and Jair Jurrjens. Sleeth has had a bum arm since being drafted in the 1st round a couple years ago, but supposively has looked good so far in spring.

My favorite thing about spring training is the articles that come out. The vast majority of these articles are these super optimistic fluff pieces that make you think it's impossible for your team to win anything less then 140 games in the upcoming year. If you remember, last year at this time we were bombarded with constant articles proclaiming meathook's new svelt and magnifique physique. Then, he was in rehab.

This year we are treated to Granderson correcting his strikeout issues, Sheffield becoming insta-bff's with the entire organization and my favorite, Bonderman developing a change up. These articles get me all hot and bothered. They are sexy as hell but do not mean a thing until april 2nd. After taking a cold shower and coming to grips, it's best to realize that when there are no games going on, nothing of any consequence is going on.

In some depressing news, "Go Get em' Tigers" will be no more. Apparently the Tigers team felt the song was a downer and ruined their high after winning a big game. So, I feel it is this blogs duty to find a replacement. First song that immediately came to my mind was Wreckxs n effects epic "Rumpshaker." After Neifi hits the walkoff HR, I'd love to see a group of hunnies take the field with saxophones of course and seranade the victorious Tigers properly. I'm open to other suggestions though.

34 days until opening day

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