Monday, March 12, 2007

504 Hours Until Opening Day

The Tigers and Bawstan Red Sawks nearly came to blows after Todd Jones torpedeod a fastball presumably speeding in excess of 80 MPH behind Jamie Diana Drew's back. The Boston's must have been seriously PMSing because they took exception to this and the benches cleared. Beckett earlier in the game hit Sheffield in the arm with a fastball causing him to laugh sarcastically and question Beckett if his favorite movie was a A League of their own. Later Beckett hit Magglio in the head, luckily his brain cushioned the blow. In response Leyland probably stood extremely close to some members of the Boston's and breathed closely on them tormenting them with the patented old man stink.

The Tigers have been involved in a couple of injury scares recently. Luckily all have turned out to be minor and we are in pretty good shape. When Slater took that Beckett curveball to the head he went to the hospital. The damage was major in that it caused a bad hair day for AC, but he is fine. Pedro Cerrano (monroe) hurt his knee attempting to rob a HR. What a doofus. But, that seems to be fine.

In 3 weeks it is opening day. I've already laid out my clothes on my floor. I think I'm not going to sleep until April 2nd. No, that's stupid, I'll definitely sleep.

use these to get butt-pysched
post-game Tigers/Yankees celebration
'84 WDIV intro
Magglio HR from LF

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