Monday, March 19, 2007

20,160 Minutes Until Opening Day 2007

The Tigers are so hot right now; it's as if their genitials were smeared with copious amounts of AXE body spray because everyone is on our nuts right now. Last year, the most optimistic of sports writers predicted a .500 season. Except of course for Rod Allen who apparently saw all this coming and predicted a division championship. Many journalists with national respect rivaling mine have predicted 90+ wins, division, league, world, galaxy championships for the upcoming season. Some say we are expected to have a top 3 pitching staff, top 3 outfield, a top 5 lineup, and be top 1 in bandwagon fans next year.

A division championship isn't that wild to comprehend next year. The Twins are likely without Liriano for the entire year. The Royals, well, they are still excited about their fountains in the outfield and will likely not show up again this year. The Indians might be good, but they are also from Cleveland which celebrates a rich history of suck. The White Sox, well, I just plain hate them. That alone is worth -10 games in the standings. I'm not saying the Tigers will win the division, because so many things have to go your way for that to happen. And last year, everything did go right. So, I guess what I'm saying is it's in the realm of possibility.

The starting rotation is set. Bonderman, Rogers, Robertson, Verlander, Maroth. It's pretty stupid to think how far we've come in one year with this same rotation. So, I'm not even going to think about it. Bonderman get's the nod on opening day against the Blue Jays. Honestly, the Blue Jays? It's like they weren't even trying to come up with a cool name, they were just sitting around looking out a window and made a pact to choose the first thing they saw. They were probably pissed that they saw a Blue Jay first, but, they made a pact.

The Tigers single A affiliate, the Lakeland Tigers are no more. They changed their name to the Lakeland Flying Tigers. A couple people have asked me what a flying tiger is. Obviously, it's a tiger with wings, dumbass. Why the name change? Obviously, someone in Lakeland made a pact to change their team name to the first thing they saw when they looked outside their window.


Lakeland Local said...

Actually, there are a couple of good reasons for the name change. The Lakeland team's facility and stadium is on the site of a WWII pilot training field. The team was in need of rebranding, but wanted to reflect local history and stay close to the Tigers.

By choosing "Flying Tigers" they honor one of WWII's most important flying units, and kept a link to the "Tigers."

Here are posts on the the announcement and some photos from that day.

Chuck Welch
Lakeland Local

Brady Green said...

well, you have your theories and I have my own.

But, thanks for that information. I was hoping it was more then a mushroom induced haze that inspired the name change, and apparently it was.

Joe Carter said...

Chuck Welch is a bitch

Paws said...

This is me, the real Paws.

I was kidknapped, help