Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Too Many Bellyitchers

Great. Bonderman, and Zumaya are on the DL. It wouldn't shock me to hear that Adam Bernero has been called up, or that Venezuelan rebels have miraculously transported Ugie Urbina back to pitch for us. I don't know about you, but over these next couple of weeks there's a strong chance I'll develop an ulcer watching Mesatime at the end of a close game. Dr. Destroy is taking Bonderman's place on the roster, and will start on friday against St. Louis.

The Detroit's just gone with a road series in the always aesthetically pleasing Hubert H. Humphrey Dome. When I think of the Metrodome, it always for some reason reminded me of how Russia is often portrayed, cold, ugly, but efficient. I honestly can't think of anything more depressing then going to a baseball game in May and leaving 70 degree temperature to go watch baseball players play on turf under a dome that is white that makes professional baseball players look like wang-tangs as they stumble around to catch a routine pop fly. Also, the ball should never bounce over an outfielders head, ever. It’s efficient because they decided not to splurge on fences, but rather settle on giant garbage bags. Anyways the Tigers made Garrison Keillor weep as the Tigers won the first two of the series before losing by 6 safeties in the finale as vicious Virgil Vasquez was vanquished by the victorious Twins.

Tiger’s split the first two with the bostons. Tonight's game against the sawx was rained out. Doubleheader tomorrow. Regardless of the outcome, we can be certain ESPN will spend the majority their time by telling us about Robert Fick's reaction to the Roger "the rocket" Clemen's return. I honestly don't know what I want more, a Tigers championship or Clemen's to be finally proven to have taken HGH or just flame out spectacularly with the Yankees. Nothing was really more evil then announcing mid game from Steinbrenner's press box that he was coming back. Chet Steadman is the only "rocket" to me. I sincerely hope that every time Clemen's throws a pitch this year a pain shoots down his arm and a wicked guitar riff plays in his head. For the three of you who have seen Rookie of the year, that made sense.

Also, Neifi Perez had 4 RBI’s in a game earlier this year. I apologize for not devoting an entire entry just to this mind blowing feat.


Anonymous said...

alliteration aside..good post.

also, in the great words of chet steadman:
Mr. Roger Clemens, don't take this too seriously day your gift will be gone.

Baylee said...

Good post.