Monday, May 21, 2007

Cleveland Sucks

Life can't get much better. The Tigers are in first place and just finished a sweep of the Cardinals AND I just received an email that a Prince from Ethiopia is offering me over 25 million dollars for just the use of my bank account! Wow, what a rush! With all this money I can finally buy happiness. Or, the castle from the critically acclaimed movie Blank Check.

I was at the Tigers game Saturday night. Easily the most enjoyable part of the entire game was the guy sitting in front of me heckling Juan Encarnacion in right field. For those of us who remember the Encarnacion era in Detroit, there is PLENTY of material to heckle him about. Anyways, these guys' material was strictly limited to the "HEY JUAN" heckle. Literally this was the go to heckle upwards of 60 times in a nine inning game. After each time they would yell this, they would turn to each other and high five each other emphatically. It was a disaster/masterpiece depending on your appreciation of unintentional comedy.

Other then the heckling, the highlight of the game was a Sean Casey double in the gap in right center. He hit second and made the turn to go for third, before realizing if he attempted this herculean feat he would have ripped every ligament in his lower body. This sounds insignificant, but a Sean Casey triple would surpass Magglio Ordonez's ALCS HR for best moment in Comerica Park history.

The California Angels are next on the homestand. This team of crumb-bums is led by hot shot RF Vladimir Guerrero and the crafty vet Mel Clark. Who, in the deciding game of the pennant threw over 160 pitches in a complete game win. Yes, it's pretty pathetic that I have watched Angels in the Outfield twice this year when it has started after 2 am. Bonderman might be back to pitch on Thursday of this series, but it's really no biggie because we have Miller waiting in the wings if he is not well enough to pitch.

After the California Anaheim Los Angeles Angels leave town we have a series with Cleveland. It's going to be a good week to deficate on our neighbors to the south.

Also, For Love of the Game was hot garbage. I am in no way endorsing this disaster of a movie. It's on TV often, and the only scene I enjoy is when Kevin Costner destroys his hand cutting it with a saw. Then, it's off my TV.


fredo (fruit-a-fied) said...

bitter cuz micah dinnae invite your ass and you had to go with gary!

Anonymous said...

I'm not selling my castle. Sorry.

-Mr. Macintosh