Saturday, June 02, 2007

Both Teams Played Hard

(a typical Todd Jones save)

Todd Jones....1 IP, 7 hits, 2 BB, 1 Hr, 5 ER. 46 pitches thrown.

This might be dumbest stat line for a closer in the history of baseball. None of it makes any logical sense whatsoever. Why would you bring in Jones, who is notorious for giving up hits, in the 8th inning with 2 outs and 2 runners on in a 4 run game. We all know deep in our heart that Todd Jones is not a good closer, seriously. A good closer does not average 3.22 K's per 9 innings or have an opponents batting average of .300+ or inspire heart ailments as abundantly as he has. It's basically been dumb luck on our part that he hasn't been exposed. Leyland should know this, how he managed the game last night was inexcusable. None of it was logical. After he blew a 4 run lead and had a capable lefty warmed up in the pen last night he decided to leave Jones in to pitch to a lefty who obviously got the winning hit.

The Tigers have lost 7 of 8 and are 4.5 back. This last week of Detroit sports has been the equivalent of the first Iceland game from Mighty Ducks 2. You know, the ducks are overconfident and their coach is more interested in marketing his air bombay loafers then worrying about the team. If that Mighty Ducks 2 reference flew over your head, I immediately recommend putting it first on your netflix queue.

It's pretty much time for some of the Tiger's to step up. The Tigers all-time postseason HR leader, Craig Monroe, it would be decent if you could hit above .240 for a LF. Brandon Inge, you are getting paid almost 25 million to hit .217 right now. Sean Casey, you've been on a single hitting rampage, which would be nice if you were our utility infielder, but you play 1b. 1b, 3b, LF are three traditional positions where you expect some of your biggest run producers. Neifi Perez, just go away, please. Pudge, you have two walks, one was intentional, stop playing like a douche and having the hitting approach of a Rob Deer. If Magglio Ordonez wasn't putting up Willie May's numbers right now, it would be stupid to think about where this team would be.
Sheffield just got suspended for three games, I still don't know why, but he did. The potential line up for the Texas series is going to be pretty wild.
1. Granderson CF
2. Polanco 2b
3. Casey 1b
4. Magglio rf
5. rodriguez C
6. Thames DH
7. Monroe lf
8. Infante 3b
9 Neifi ss
and a bullpen of
Byrdak, ledezma, Grilli, Seay, Miner and Jones.

Sweep the Rangers.


Timothy said...

Todd Jones couldn't close a door if his life depended on it.

Anonymous said...

Blank Check, D2, some straight classics. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Pena and Raul Casanova both hit bombs for the D-Rays today. Thought you'd want to know that . . .