Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nate Robertson Pitches No Hitter

Sean Casey's HR the other day nearly caused me to do multiple barrel rolls down 96 on my way to East Lansing. I've kind of hated Casey this year. Largely because if I had a choice I'd prefer someone without two torn hamstrings hitting in the middle of the line up and playing 1st base. But, I can't ignore that he's been pretty decent this last month. He's still not ideal, but compared to our bullpen he isn't even close to one of the main problems of this team.

The baseball world was rocked to its core as the Tigers and the Atlanta's exchanged vastly underachieving LHP's. We exchanged Wilfredo Ledezma (a frequent reader of this blog) for Macay McBride. To sum it up simply, both have been lousy, but unlike Ledezma we have the option of sending McBride to the Toledo's. Ledezma will likely start for the Atliens.

Maroth recently was traded to the Cardinals for a player to be named later. Sounds like a pretty fair trade. Maroth is a nice guy, but with Rogers back, he really has no business in the rotation.

Verlander's no hitter was neat. From the 7th inning on it basically was a prolonged panic attack. 12 strike outs and throwing 102 in the 9th was simply video game-esque, which is the greatest compliment you can give to a living person. Robertson also threw a less publicized no hitter for the Erie Sea Wolves.

Roman Colon. We received him in return for Kyle Farnsworth. Nobody liked this trade when it happened, except maybe Jeremy Affeldt. Colon has been injured all year and recently was involved in an altercation in AAA. I'll give you the abridged version, which is sadly a true story. Colon was in the locker room listening to music, Jordan Tata decided it was too loud and went and confronted Colon. The active closer for the Mudhens, Jason karnuth, decided to be the peacemaker and got in between the two. Unfortunately Colon swung and splattered Karnuth's face. Karnuth now needs reconstructive surgery on his face...and is out for the year. Thank goodness for our immense bullpen depth.

Rod Allen recently won his second straight emmy. My neck buggywhipped forward when I heard that fantastic news.

Tigers are home for a couple weeks. Go see them play, dummy.

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Anonymous said...

We also got Zach Minor in that Farnsworth deal, word to your mother.