Monday, June 11, 2007

Tigers vs. Algonquin term meaning "the good land"

Since recovering from my minor heart attack from the MLB draft, the Tigers have roared back and clawed there way back near the top of the AL Central. The Tigers have really earned their stripes as they have pounced on their prey and shown no mercy. And that's probably enough of those.

I was one of the 8 who watched the MLB draft. Prior to the draft, I had heard of possibly 4 players, one of them being Rick Porcello. This is who the Tigers drafted at 27, causing me and other Tiger nerds across the nation to break out their finest sparkling grape juice and celebrate. Porcello was a high school pitcher, which unfortunately brings down the wrath of the moneyball gods against our organization. Fortunately for us though, Porcello has been called by some the best HS pitcher since Josh Beckett. So, that is neat. If he signs, it's expected it will be for 8-10 million. Mike Illitch has 8-10 million more then me, So I hope Porcello does sign.

The Tigers released Jose Mesa. 0 Tiger fans mourned this loss.

The Milwaukee's come to Comerica to renew their olde timey Al rivalry with the Tigers. Led by Prince Fielder who basically Macauley Culkin'd his father Cecil, who ironically was nicknamed the "Big Daddy."

Kenny Rogers will be back soon. Zumaya might not be back this season. So, get ready to embrace the Jason Grilli close game excitement, and of course embrace the Yorman Bazardo era.

Go Tigers.

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