Monday, September 21, 2009

The Worst Baseball Stadium Of All-Time Is Dead

A stadium as beautiful as the giant Kent Hrbek mural that overlooks it. Let's break down why I fully supported the Twins being contracted a couple years ago.

I did some research on the HHH dome. Not much, just about as much as they did when deciding to put a baseball team in this god forsaken hell hole. I took all of these facts from Wikipedia, so you know it's accurate.

*The Metrodome was the first major sports facility to have a domed roof supported completely by air.

Do you know what it better then a domed roof completely supported by air? Air.

*Construction success of other domed stadiums, particularly the Silverdome near Detroit, paved the way for voters to approve funding for a new stadium

The Pontiac Silverdome wasn't good enough for the Detroit Lions. The Pontiac Silverdome is no longer good enough for Monster Truck Rally's. Gravedigger and a football team that has won one playoff game in the Superbowl era have outgrown the Silverdome. But, it was good enough for Minnesotan's to house 2 pro teams and a big 11 football team up until this year.

*The Metrodome cost $68 million to build—roughly $2 million under budget, a rarity for modern stadiums.

Seriously, under budget? I'd love to be a part of the meeting that probably went something like this...

"So, we are two million dollars under budget...Let me be the first person to recommend putting walls on your baseball field."

"No. Giant garbage bags it is. Final decision"

"Well, if you insist sir. But what about making the roof a different players can see flyballs?"


"How about seats in rightfield?"

"How about an even larger garbage bag, and have it half covering up pushed in bleachers."

"Can we atleast get some dirt for the infield?

"No dirt. I want the ground balls to go over infielders heads."

*Three times in the stadium's history, heavy snows have caused a small puncture in the roof and caused it to deflate

God tried showing them the folly of their ways. Minnesotan's fought God and rebuilt.

*Any ball which strikes the Dome roof, or objects hanging from it, remains in play; if it lands in foul territory it becomes a foul ball, if it lands in fair territory it becomes a fair ball. Any ball which becomes caught in the roof over fair ground is a ground rule double...The speakers, being closer to the playing surface, are hit more frequently, especially the speakers in foul ground near the infield, which are typically hit several times a season, posing an extra challenge to infielders trying to catch them.

This is why I fully supported the Minnesota Twins being contracted. They obviously didn't give a damn. They went right ahead and built the worst structure in modern sports history and stayed there for almost 3 decades. I have seen countless balls bounce over outfielders heads. Balls that would be routine fly outs become triples. Remember the plexiglass boards over the garbage bags? That made no sense. I think they only put that in because they like hockey so much. Can you think of one thing they did right with this stadium? There is not one redeeming quality about this place at all. We should have the Milwaukee Brewers and Miller Park.

Don't give me this "it's cold in Minnesota" nonsense either. Baseball is played in the summer. If it is cold, then baseball players get cold. If it rains too much, then most likely your park has a retractable roof. Can you imagine going to a Tigers game in the middle of the summer and sitting in an air conditioned dome? Sounds dumb, right? Since 1982 Twin's fans have had to put up with that...Many have probably never been to an outside baseball game.

The Tigers just played their last game ever at this abomination to the baseball gods. The Twins have 3 home games left. I hate that place, I hate that team and I hate Bret Favre.

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