Monday, January 16, 2006

Dream back in Detroit?

Recent rumors have been circulating that Dreamweaver might come back to the team that birthed him into the majors.

Personally, I'd like this move if we aren't forced to sign him into a long term deal. He's got some nasty stuff, and can dominate on any given night. Unfortunately, he's a bit of a spaz. You never know if he's going to pitch a perfect game or have a batting helmet bounced off his head by mike sweeney in a brawl.

Weaver's strength and also his weakness is his unwillingness to not back down from anybody. Even though the best pitch probably isn't the belt high fastball to barry bonds, Weaver will probably still throw it...and it will probably be hit atleast 450 ft. But sometimes this is an advantage. This guy always is on the mound trying to win and trying to out-think and confuse the hitters at bat. When we traded him to the Yankees, I cried. Like a little bitch. But he was legitimately the best thing going for the Tigers at that time. Getting Bonderman, Pena and German for him also helped me feel a little bit more at ease about the trade.

Weaver had lots of issues on and off the field in Detroit. Most notably, and easily my favorite was when he and I believe Robert Fick were alledgedly smoking PHAT Blunts on the Tigers airplane and also were accused of sexually harassing the stewardesses on the same flight. Now that, is good stuff. I just can't believe that stuck up Hoochie-mama stewardess didn't just submit to the dream. Also, Weaver likes to talk a lot of shit on the mound. Sometimes this is fine, sometimes it backfires like it did in Kansas City. After Sweeney asked the home-plate umpire to tell Weaver to move his resin bag, Weaver very maturely called Sweeney a "fucking pussy." Sweeney apparently took offense to this, and kind of beat the shit out of Dreamweaver. But to be fair to Weaver, I still think that Sweeney is a "fucking pussy." So, Weaver at the time was not considered much of a "character guy" in the clubhouse.

After the trade, Weaver has basically been a confusing pitcher. He's got great stuff, but he never was able to take that step to becoming one of the better pitchers in baseball. But he hasn't been a bad pitcher, just kind of a dissapointing pitcher I guess you could say. He also hasn't been accused of harrassing anymore stewardesses recently, so this could be a sign of improved maturity with age.

I'd take Weaver on the Tigers. A starting rotation of Bonderman, Weaver, Rogers, Nasty Nate and Maroth would be pretty respectable. Weaver is also a workhorse. He's pitched over 200 innings a season the last 2 years and also has not had any notable injuries in his career, so he's not much of a liability in that way. Dream made almost 9.5 mill. last year. I don't know if he is going to be able to get that kind of $ from Detroit or any other team, but a short contract would be ideal in signing him. Still, its not out of the realm of possibilty though that that the tigers offer Weaver a 7 year 80 Million dollar contract. Thats just how we roll, and fuck the haters.

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