Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tigers offer most obscene contract in the history of mankind

Randy Smith offers this schlub 140 million dollars for 8 years. Incredibly, schlub turns down what was richest contract in history of athletics at the time.

I still have kind of mixed feelings when I look back at this mindfuck of a deal. First, its incredibly lucky that for whatever reason he didn't take this deal. I mean, the Booby Hig. deal was bad, but this deal would of been baaaaaaaaaaaddddddd. Second, it is just kind of depressing that a guy can turn down a 8-year 140 million dollar contract to play for your team. I mean, I love the Tigers, and to think that someone would turn down what would of been the richest sporting contract of all-time at that time because they think that lowly of your favorite team is kind of shitty pill to swallow.

The reason I'm bringing this deal back up again is JuanGone was recently signed to a Minor-League contract with the Cleveland Indians. He has a base contract of $600,000 but with incentive can make slightly more. So, if he signed the contract with the Tigers next year he'd probably be making somewhere around 17.5 million and instead he's making a less then a million for a minor-league team. Thank goodness the Gonz didn't enjoy Detroit winters. Because instead hes making almost 17 million dollars less a season to enjoy "Balmy" Cleveland instead.

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