Sunday, January 29, 2006

Brady Leyland's projected 2006 Tiger Line-up

With only 64 days until the Tigers open their season against those fiesty Royals of Kansas City, I decided its about time to take an extremely unecessary look at the possible tigers opening day line-up. This is in my opinion our best line-up at this time, but you must factor in that atleast 3 or 4 starters will miss significant playing time by the time spring training is done.

3. CHRIS(t) SHELTON, 1b/Dh
9. INGE, 3b

1. Gambler
2. Bonderman
3. Robertson
4. Maroth
5. Colon

This pitching rotation and batting order do not thrill me all that much, but they are definitely an improvement over last year. We could possibly have one of the best line-ups in baseball, if they actually decide to show a pulse and show some discipline at the plate. I put Pudge up high in the line-up in place of where Guillen is because right now I really have low expectations of Guillen. I hope I'm wrong, because I'm pretty much the biggest Guillen supporter out there, but his knee is a mess. He's also playing in the world baseball classic, which is kind of craptastic for the tigers, because he can't really rest or recooperate that very well. I'm also hoping slim can come to terms with whatever mental illness was eating away at his brain and he can put up some solid stats. I have Monroe up high because I feel he really hasn't gotten nearly the credit he deserved for being our best offensive player last year.

I really can't decide between pena and young. Pena has so much more potential and actually seems to care about the team. Young is a gigantic human being. Last year he was a burden both on and off the field. Right now, Young is the more consistent hitter and Pena is a much better defensive player. And for the last month of the year, Pena might of been our best hitter. We need a LH power hitter more then anything...and pena is that, but he just sucks at the beginning of seasons. So, I'm starting Young...but if starts to schlub around; Pena is in quickly, and Shelton takes over DH.

With our pitching rotation, I put K-Rog first just to provide some consistency. Bonderman will probably be our best pitcher, but I don't know if he's ready for all the pressure of a #1 starter. I put Colon 5th just because I really do not want Verlander or Zumaya in the majors yet. Give them time to develop, don't rush them, yadda yadda yadda. They might be ready by mid-season, but who knows, maybe Colon can actually live up to his potential and do decent. Who knows.

If your curious why I put that picture up of booby higginson, its simple really, I just flat-out hate that motherfucker. It also looks like he's seriously cracked out at some random house party. He single handedly tried to ruin my child-hood. That piece of shit. Atleast the chick is hot...but I feel bad for her, because she probably has chlamydia now. GOD DAMN YOU BOBBY. also, thats Chelios in the bottom corner.


ted motherfucking danson said...

i cant find wil ledezma in your projected rotation?

Anonymous said...

In which MLB team plane will higginson be smoking weed/harrassing flight attendents this year?

Brady Green said...

ted, I think ledezma will be in the bullpen as a long reliever to start the year off.

but, if I was betting man. I'd take Ledezma for 15 wins, easy.

and, there are some rumors that seattle is interested in booby. Why? I can't answer that. Apparently they need an heir apparent to Ichiro