Wednesday, March 15, 2006

G-Diddy or Nook Daddy?

Ever since Dirty Sanchez left Detroit and its spacious CF position, the Tigers have been struggling to find a replacement. In Sanchez, the tigers would need to replace a lead-off hitter who has no eye and can't field or throw for shit. So those were very small shoes that needed to be filled. You could even say baby shoes. But unfortunately, Craig Monroe was our best option last year in CF. He played admirably defensively learning the position as the year progressed, but it became obvious he fits in best as a corner outfielder.

Nook Logan, whose real name is Exavier Prente lie, was given the first chance to impress in CF. Logan’s strength is he runs like a cheetah, and his weakness is he swings the bat like a cheetah. Logan is easily one of the fastest players in the MLB, and this is 100% why he is in the major leagues. Basically, his goal is to hit a squibber to 1st basemen, and miraculously beat the 1st basemen to 1st base. This sounds kind of impossible, but he does it routinely. At first, Logan was getting the job done. He was causing lots of problems for the defense and stole bases at a high percentage. Unfortunately, the other teams had a pulse. They started to play him extremely shallow and throw him some curve balls. His average plummeted.

Next to get the chance was Wunderkid Curtis Granderson. He doesn’t possess the speed that Logan has, but he’s no slouch. He actually can swing a bat, and hit the ball out of the infield. His main weakness might be the # of Strikeouts he racks up. Granderson was a very steady and reliable player for the Tigers in the last month or so of the season. He was easily the most consistent option and the power he brought to the plate was a welcome addition.

Going into spring training, it was obvious the competition was between Granderson and Logan for the opening day spot on in CF. So far, the competition has been extremely lopsided. Logan is eating a shit-sandwich at the plate batting .156 with a .229 OBP with 5 steals and a tumor inducing .156 slugging %. Granderson on the other hand, is the mack-daddy extraordinaire. He’s batting .423 with a .571 OBP with 5 steals and a tumor curing .885 slugging %. Both have played in 9 games thus far in spring training.

It seems fairly obvious now that Granderson will start in CF opening day. Logan’s speed is an incredible asset, no doubt, but it is useless if you can’t hit the ball. I know it has only been 9 games, but a .156 average is terrible when you are supposed to be trying to impress the most. Logan will most likely make the team as the 4th outfielder. For the Tigers, that’s an extremely important position. Magglio will be hurt sometime this year, that’s fairly obvious, and the 4th outfielder will get lots of AB’s and time to impress. Also, Logan will serve as a great pinch-runner and a very good late inning defensive replacement.

The Tigers play the Yankees and the Nationals tomorrow. I predict a double-mercy for the tigers tomorrow. The Tigers are 10-6 right now 1 game behind the Fla. Marlins for the prestigious Grapefruit league crown. Oh, and 18 days until opening day.

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