Sunday, March 26, 2006

Karlos kan't make the klub

In a not so surprising move, the Tigers unconditionally released perennial under-achiever KKKKarlos Pena. If you remember, we acquired him in the Weaver trade along with Bonderman and German. At that time, Pena looked like our best prospect. Unfortunately, he schlubbed it up for the 3.5 seasons he spent as a tiger. He never hit above .253 and he was extremely strike-out prone. In my opinion, Pena suffered from an extreme case of eric munsonitis. This extremely crippling disease causes players with incredible potential to consistently be one of the least effective players on our team, but then out of the blue they will just start hitting 440 foot Hr's with really no problem. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

Releasing painya now saves the Tigers a little over 2.1 million of the 2.8 million we were due to owe him this year. So, that’s nice for the Illitch's I guess. The tigers probably tried their hardest to trade karlos, but no team would bite. This move possibly might mean that 'mighty' marcus thames will get a shot with the squad this year or even the wild-card Rrrrramon Santiago (roll your R's) might make the team as a utility INF.

8 days until opening day.... What, what, say what, say what, anything can happen.


Bob Hamelin said...

Is that picture the unibomber?

Brady Green said...

the unibomber probably sucks at baseball.

so its a possibility