Friday, July 14, 2006

2nd half haiku

tigers in first place
royals bow down to detroit
all hail leyland now

once again, this picture is strictly for my female readers. It's a legit todd jones bowman rookie card. If i could, I'd get this blown up and post this bia' on my door at my house next year. As cube said, you betta check yo self ‘for you wreck yo self. I think a giant todd jones picture completely illustrates this ice cube lyric. I'm thinking I should start wearing gold chains and and have a neatly manicured 'stache. That might work better then my normal pick-up lines which are rather lackluster..."hey sweetheart, let's get out of here and check out my detroit tigers blog," or, "do you play catcher? because you can catch my screwball....anyday," or "is that the new pussycat dolls song?! those girls are just one giant ball of talent!" See, i'm a, anyone know a good gold chain place?

last night i was at the game. there were over 32,000 people there for a weekday royals game. this is approximately 300% more people then average at a weekly royals game. our seats were "obstructed view." the foul poll was in the way. that was annoying. in the past, i'd usually use my ticket which i had purchased for under 5$ from a scalper on the street and sit in 35$ seats. Now that the bandwagon is in full force, I'm stuck behind the foul poll. stupid yellow foul poll. stupid mark teahen trying to ruin my night. alas, the tigers won 6-4. hooray! I think that boosted my season record in games I've attended to around 15-5. basically i'm running a shade better then the tigers season winning percentage. so, if any of you are superstitious, I'd definitely recommend taking me to the game.

dmitri young is about to be back from his rehab. hooray rehab! hopefully the newly svelt DY will start hurting baseballs instead of hurting college aged girls.

the tigers are rumored to be after every single baseball player who has hit over 5 hr's in a season and is a lefty. we are rumored to be offering literally everything. so its pointless to try to break any of this down. now, we are even rumored to be after righty's, most notably alfonso soriano. unfortunately, he strikes out a lot which is a big negative. but a huge positive for him is that his name is alfonso. I can't stress that enough. the only other alfonso i can think of is alfonso ribeiro AKA carlton from the fresh prince. laPhonso ellis of the nuggets doesn't count. alfonso green....I like that.

and yes, I'm aware that the tigers music video is down. I received countless complaints about that not working. wait, not total complaint. one outraged reader is enough for me though, here's a link to the song. its called "who's your tiger" by natives of the new dawn. TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP, BECAUSE YOUR ARE ABOUT TO ROCK OUT!

I think we should start a grassroots campaign right now and get this to the top of the TRL countdown. who's with me? oh, no one? ok, well, just enjoy this for what its worth then.


Anonymous said...

if you get that picture of jonesie on our door consider 360 already purchased

Anonymous said...

The picture is hilarious of Jones... Love readin the blog Brady.