Sunday, July 09, 2006

finally, the 2006 tigers have a theme song

the tigers are 31 games over .500...exactly where I thought they'd be. Seriously, stop hyperventilating. I'm pretty sure this is happening. You know Tiger fever has firmly gripped detroit by the go-nads when such gems such as this turn up on the internet.

sure, it no "thong song," but this is going to be the lead track in my new mix cd titled "brady's tiger booty mix 2k8."

The Tigers have one game to go before the all-star break against the mariners. "google" tells me that a mariner is "a man who serves as a sailor." great, they sound tough. thank god, ability to navigate the high seas still has no impact on whether or not you win a baseball game.

a very important international competition takes place today. Yes, the futures game. Humberto sanchez (mudhen extraordinaire) is starting for team world. Cameron maybin is playing for team usa. "lets go shake their hanz." that made absolutely zero sense in this context of this and i'm sure probably 3% of my loyal readers caught that reference. This game will bring back fond memories from the time last year I attended the futures game in a drunken stupor and watched verlander and zumaya at comerica for the first time.

Kenny rogers is most likely going to start the all-star game on tuesday. its kind of ironic that he's starting the game as the AL's best pitcher when in my opinion he's been our 3rd or 4th best pitcher on the tigers staff.

dee-troit tigers are movin' on up, movin' on up!

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2Pac said...

that song/music video is the single greatest thing ever done.