Friday, July 21, 2006

Tiger Style

The Tigers extended their lead for overall best record in baseball to 5.5 games. I was at the first and 3rd games of the white sox series. The first game was pretty much the equivalent to being on the recieving end of a kyle farnsworth body slam. The second game was much better. I almost shattered both my fists punching whatever was near me (wall, chair, cat, etc.) after monroe's grandslam. It even almost resulted in a fight with pierzynski. it was terrific, and for your audio pleasure here is dan dickerson spazzing out after the grandslam. Then jim price massages your ear lobes with his unparalleled baseball analysis. Yeah, that last sentence was extremely sarcastic.

The third game was probably the most exciting baseball game I've ever been to. Even though in my life I've probably been to well over 250 tiger games in person...that really isn't saying much. I mean, I think approximately i've seen the tigers play the royals 100 times in mid august when the teams are a combined 75 games under .500. Anyways, the play of the day was marcus thames taking out iguchi at second base. when this happened, I literally swore 15 times in 5 seconds and sincerely hoped that both his shoulders were dislocated and that he landed on his head hard enough that his brain would leak out of his ear. I'm pretty sure that makes me a terrible person, oh well. Tigers won 2-1 after shelton doubled in monroe following the take out slide.

dmitri young is back, literally. He's been called up. I'm not sure who's going to be sent down, but my best guess would be santiago sent down. Obviously, meathook has been pretty terrible for the tigers since after opening day last year. But, if he's not drunk, and not focused on hoe-smackin, he would be exactly what the tigers need. A switch hitting, somewhat power-hitting DH/1b would be perfect for us. Since shelton's deal with the devil apparently ended, he's been about the most replaceable player in the lineup. He'd still be our starter at 1b, but it would be nice to have some flexibility. If young could hit anywhere near his lifetime #'s (.291 avg., 21 Hr's, .348 obp), we would be so much better. Apparently he'll be batting 7th tonight and playing DH.

The Tigers are still rumored to be getting everyone. Along with the recent abreu/soriano rumors, i've heard shawn green, tom gordan, alex rodriguez, shea hillenbrand, smoltz (again), david Dellucci... So, really nothing has changed. Humberto sanchez has basically been involved in every trade rumor. I'd trade him if the price was right. His value is at it's highest following the futures game. It is literally almost impossible to assume that he'll be a great pitcher in the bigs, and we have lots of pitching depth in the minors and basically zero hitting depth. Plus, if we sign the good doctor, dr. destroyer (andrew miller) we'll be in even better shape. No way in hell I'd trade maybin. Honestly, the only players I'd trade him for right now are like albert pujols, or like miguel cabrera...every other player I'd have to think over. It's rumored the nationals asked for sanchez, Jurrjens (another high pitching prospect) AND maybin for soriano. I will stick forks in my eyeballs if this actually happens.

The tigers play the a's this weekend. obviously the park is sold out all 3 games. The Tigers bandwagon has increased by approximately 80 gazillion in the last month. Considering there were only like 10 diehard fans prior to this season, this is quite the change. In the last few weeks I've had atleast 5 girls who couldn't name the color of a baseball (FYI, white, with red stitches) debate with me who the tigers should be pitching/lineup decisions. Usually its something like, "why isn't Verlander pitching? he's so hottttt." My response usually is something like, "he pitched last night, he would injure his arm and be useless the rest of his career." "well, I don't care, he should be pitching, he is sooooooo hot." I then try to immediately change the subject and debate something more meaningful such as who's more musically talented, lindsey lohan or hillary duff. obviously, lindsey.

I apologize in advance if that last paragraph caused mental retardation in any of my readers.

eat em' up tigers.


Florrie Fischer said...

WHy isn't Z Baby Miner on the trading block? he's a pre-allstar game stud. And filling the hole in the rotation whilst we await the return of Maroth shouldn't be too difficult with Wilfredo '14-wins-in-2005' Ledezma, Ramon 'at least now he's better than bartolo' Colon, Andy Van Ekken, Shane Halter, Nate Cornejo, Dave Mlicki, and Matt Perisho. Plus Zach Miner is funny.
- Florrie Fischer (inspiration behind Jerri Blank, check her out on youtube)
ps. Vancouver loves your bloggin'
pps. that paragraph about the girls and Verlander made me stop second guessing my move to BC (see: Tiger's game 3 summers ago where i refused to sit with both all the girls we were with and Arty.)

ms. green said...

By the way, this is what the real deal sounds like...

10 days until the Birthday Bonanza at the CoPa. Got your date, bro?