Monday, September 11, 2006

Now that the lions are out of contention, Go Tigers.

Neifi Perez is the Pussycat Dolls of major league baseball. Both have very little talent but both for whatever reason see lots of playing time. Some other hopelessly devoted schmoe created this website, . This website really doesn't do it for me, first off, if I had created an anti-neifi website the address would be http://www.punchneifiintheface.clownpenis.fart . For the three of you who got clownpenis.fart joke, i hope you enjoyed it. And for the other three of you who clicked on that hoping it was a real website, I'm sorry, it's not real, but you're an idiot.

Obviously, the shocking news of the week is the sudden release of dmitri young. This really came out of nowhere, and that's why it annoys me so much. A general rule of thumb is you do not release your #3 hitter in september during a pennant race. Obviously, he was a sucky 3 hitter, but this still shouldn't be happening in september. He should have been dealt with much earlier.

The Tigers are 1.5 games up in the al central. Hopefully, Leyland has a risqué picture of mike illitch in the locker room and every time they win, they remove a slide. If it worked in major league, it works in the major leagues. and if you just vomited something up after reading that sentence, thank you for reading this far.

This upcoming home stand against $texas$ and the orioles is crucial. It's definitely more important then school, and my general mental health combined. The Tigers are starting to get some players back from injuries. Maroth and guillen returned...still no polanco. If neifi takes his spot again, I'll bash myself with a hammer every time that neifi either hits a dribbler to the 3rd basemen on a half swing, or pops up a bunt with no one on base. I'm most likely going to have intense surgery in the near future. If I'd have to compare sean casey's and neifi perez's play of late to a disease...cholera would be the easy choice. Yes, leaky anus would be the perfect way to describe these two, Casey is hitting .065 in september with a .065 OBP%. This is so bad. I could do this, and for once I might not be incredibly overestimating my skills. I think I could easily hit .080 with an obp% of around .110 or something. Ok, i'm overestimating my skills, but the fact that I actually just debated with myself if I could play better then a professional getting paid around 8 mill a year in a pennant chase is pretty terrible.

Kevin Hooper played in a game recently. This really has nothing to do with anything, other then i think it's great that the tigers and the Make-a-wish foundation have such a great relationship. Also, AC Slater is starting to swing the bat well for the Tigers again. If Slater can improve his RF play and his knee holds up, he still might get that scholarship to Iowa.


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