Friday, September 29, 2006

YOU SCARED!? Tigers in the playoffs

If you are anything like me, you've locked yourself in a room and have been blaring "the final countdown" on volume 11, while playing with your jim leyland homemade doll that you made out of playdough in anticipation for the final weekend of regular season baseball. Hopefully, for your sake, you are not like me. But in my conscious life I've never been alive to appreciate the enormity of what is going on. The best way I can describe this final weekend is 9/11, aids, and the plague all mixed together in a bowl, and then blown up with a nuclear bomb and then you get the importance of this series with the royals.

As you know, the tiggers and twins are tied. we hold the tie breaker. We need to at least match their record for home field advantage in the 1st round. This is of uber importance to me because I was ticketmaster's bitch and was there at 10 am and sold my soul for standing room tickets to game 1. If the Tigers hold on, the game is Tuesday....the same day as one of my tests. Being the scholar student that I am, I told my teacher flat out that I couldn't make the test and put myself on her mercy. The test was only worth 30% of my final it was definitely worth it. Thank god my charming wit and electrifying good looks melted her heart and she told me I could go to game 1. What a prof!

Anyways, the tigers clinched a playoff spot in KC the other day. They held a "low key" 220 bottles of champagne celebration. This pretty much was one of the top 5 moments of my life. Remembering this celebration, I'm a little verklempt right now. Give me a second. Talk amongst yourselves ... There I feel better. Todd Jones crying. it had it all. This might be crazy talk, but in my opinion, the tigers should make the playoffs every year.

While I'm writing this, the tigers are beating the royals like they stole something. they are up 5-0. I'm not making this up, Rod was talking about one of his cousins and said, ""He's named Luigi Mario .. and hes a brother."....if you're playing at home, that qualifies as "general silliness." drink up.


Anonymous said...

Way to jinx them Brady, now game 4 is the same time as the UM-MSU game. WHAT AM I GONNA DO?

Brady Green said...

well, anonymous, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion the brian hoyer lead spartans will beat michigan. so, watch the tigers game instead.

also, just hope for a sweep (by us, not them) and then your saturday is free. Personally, I think I'd rather have it go 4, just so i have a valid excuse for something else to do that day.

ms. green said...

Seriously Brady, you've been a Spartans fan your whole life. By now you should know that the game is NEVER over until it's really over. Obviously, this rule now applies to our Tigers. The next time you feel like using your underdeveloped pyschic abilities, don't. You should have known better.

Anonymous said...

No no no Brady. I have tickets to both, that's what sucks. I picked the Tigers though, not even a tough decision.