Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bring da motherfuckin ruckus, Cleveland

You’d think I’d be upset after the Tigers got swept by Chicago. If you thought this, then you are right. Good job. Anyways, the Tigers slipped to 5-4 on the season with a measly 153 games yet to be played. A massive series with Cleveland looms this weekend for the Tigers.

Opening day was simply charming. It is always a delight to see the Ferris wheel in heavy rotation and the stupid fountain fireworks spraying water all over center field for the first time all season. On the plus side, I almost got smoked by a dmitri young HR in batting practice. That would have been messy and very injury-ey.

Basically, the only positive that came out of the series with Chicago is that the stormin’ mormon is still on pace for 126 HR’s this year. I have absolutely no idea why Omar Infante played DH the other day. That certainly was Leyland’s first sign that he might be going senile. Anyways, I’m putting that series behind me. I’m squarely focused on Cleveland. I have a good feeling about this series, not really sure why. Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to george clinton for the last 4 hours, but who knows.

Peanut butter jelly and dmitri young with a baseball bat

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