Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tigers Sweep Royals....160 games to go for perfect season

After the Tigers 2 game series against the Royals, the Tigers are as expected in first place alone in the AL Central.

If the tigers continue at this pace, which I'm sure they will, we might see some face melting are some examples!

slim rodriguez..... .625 Avg. 82 Hr's 405 Rbi's 243 doubles
The Red Bull....... . 667 avg. 162 Hr's 162 Rbi's 1053 total bases
your 2004 all-star... .375 avg. 162 Hr's 243 Rbi's

BONDERMAN.....32-0 1.35 era. 259 K's 0 BB's
Gambler..........32-0 1.5 Era. 162 K's 0 BB's
Zumaya...... 0.00 Era and every other batter is a strikeout.

also, the Tigers are on pace to score 1377 runs, 1296 Hr's while giving up only 324 runs and giving up 81 Hr's.

Next up, the Tigers head to Texas to sweep the Rangers and personally give out wedgies and noogies to every stupid member of that baseball team. Hopefully, the Bengal belters will have enough time to tour the basement of the alamo while they are in texas before they head back to detroit for the home opener.

Yours truly will be the home opener because I’m skipping school to go watch baseball instead. I know what you’re thinking..."Brady, I saw those commercials! A mind is a terrible thing to waste! Egads!" Don't worry, I'm really smrt. I are spending to much tyme in skool anywaise.

Plus, I'm planning on foregoing my senior year of college in order to enter my name into the MLB draft. Hasta La vista el bloggo


sir schmackles said...

all fine and dandy but what do we do with dead weight like jamie walker when his era hits the 107.5 plateau?

Brady Green said...

first off, its an honor when anyone who has been knighted responds to my blog.

If Walker keeps this up, he's going to do be off the team and I'm going to sacrifice him to parish.